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We have been lucky enough to work with many large gas and water service companies as well as municipal organizations. All who have walked away happy customers.

"We have been extremely happy with Goliath Hydro-Vac's Service! They have always been very reliable, dependable and accomodating." - Randy Robinson w/ Michaels Pipeline

"Outstanding Service!" "Extremely Quality Performance!" - Henry Harazin w/ GM Directional

"Top Notch Hydro-Excavators!" "These guys are the best in the business!" - David Hopkins with HC Price Pipeline Inc.

"These guys go above and beyond to make sure the job gets done thoroughly, poductively and professionally. They get an A from me as they are the #1 hydro-excavators" - John LLoyd - LCS LLoyds Construction Services.

"Goliath Hydro-Vac is by all means a TOP NOTCH operation. They have been extremely dependable! Goliath has done an outstanding job & are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. The gas company will continue to support their quality service!"
- John Hennessy - Centerpoint Energy

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