Choosing the Right Industrial Sewer Maintenance Services

by Mar 15, 2024Sewer Maintenance

The maintenance of industrial sewer systems is a critical aspect of ensuring the smooth operation of any industrial facility. These systems are responsible for the safe and efficient removal of waste, and their proper functioning is essential to prevent environmental pollution and operational disruptions.

The first step in selecting the appropriate maintenance service is to understand the specific needs of your industrial sewer system. Different industrial processes generate different types of waste, and the maintenance service should be equipped to handle the particular characteristics of your system’s effluent.

In this article, we will discuss choosing the right maintenance service, guaranteeing the efficient operation of your industrial sewer system.

Types of Maintenance Services

Industrial sewer maintenance services encompass a diverse range of activities, each tailored to address specific aspects of sewer system management and upkeep. The scope and capabilities of these services can vary significantly, depending on the needs of the industrial facility and the expertise of the service provider. Some common types of services include:

Routine Cleaning and Inspection: Regular cleaning and inspection services are essential to prevent blockages and detect potential issues early. This can include jetting, vacuuming, and CCTV camera inspections.

Preventative Maintenance: Preventative maintenance services focus on identifying and addressing potential problems before they escalate. This can involve regular checks of pumps, valves, and other critical components.

Emergency Response: In the event of a sudden blockage or system failure, emergency response services ensure that a team is available to address the issue promptly, minimizing downtime.

Rehabilitation and Repair: Over time, sewer systems may require more extensive repairs or rehabilitation to restore their functionality. This can include trenchless repair methods, lining, and pipe replacement.

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Choosing a Service Provider


When selecting a maintenance service for your industrial sewer system, it’s essential to ensure that the service’s capabilities align with the specific requirements of your system. To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

Technological Proficiency: Advanced technologies play a crucial role in the effective maintenance of industrial sewer systems. High-pressure water jetting is a powerful method for removing stubborn blockages and buildup, ensuring clear and functional pipes.

Experience with Industrial Systems: A service provider with experience in industrial settings will be better equipped to understand the specific challenges and requirements of these systems. They will have the knowledge and expertise to implement appropriate maintenance strategies, ensuring the system’s reliability and compliance with industry standards.

Environmental Compliance: Industrial sewer maintenance must be conducted in accordance with strict environmental regulations to prevent pollution and protect natural resources. A reputable service provider will be well-versed in these regulations and committed to environmentally responsible practices.

Customization: Each industrial facility has unique sewer system needs, influenced by factors such as the type of industry, the size of the facility, and the volume and composition of the wastewater generated. A service provider that offers customized maintenance plans can tailor their services to your system’s specific requirements.

Cost Considerations

When selecting an industrial sewer maintenance service, cost is an important factor to consider, although it should not be the sole determinant. Here are some guidelines to follow to ensure you receive value for your investment:

Obtain Multiple Quotes: Approach several maintenance service providers for quotes. This will give you a range of pricing options and help you understand the market rate for the services you require.

Compare Offerings and Pricing: Carefully compare the services included in each quote. Look beyond the price to understand what is being offered. Some services may offer a lower price but provide fewer services or use less advanced technology. Ensure that the services included meet your system’s specific needs.

Consider Long-Term Savings: Effective maintenance can prevent major issues that could lead to costly repairs or system downtime. When evaluating the cost of a service, consider the potential long-term savings from avoiding these expenses. A slightly higher upfront cost for comprehensive and proactive maintenance can result in significant savings over time.

Assess Value for Money: Ultimately, the goal is to obtain the best value for your investment. Consider the expertise of the service provider, the quality of their technology and equipment, and their reputation for reliability. A service that offers a balance of reasonable pricing and high-quality service is often the best choice.


Choosing the right industrial sewer maintenance service is essential for the efficient and reliable operation of your facility’s sewer system. By understanding your system’s requirements, evaluating the capabilities of different services, and considering cost factors, you can select a service that will keep your system functioning optimally.

Goliath Hydrovac Inc. is committed to providing exceptional industrial maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how Goliath’s industrial maintenance services can benefit your operation.