Excavating and digging near underground utilities is dangerous and can lead to property damage and a delay in your schedule. But Goliath Hydro-Vac Inc. can keep your worksite safe and speed up the excavation so you can move forward with the rest of your project. We provide hydro-vac excavation services for construction sites in Minnesota.

Why Choose Hydro-Vac Services?

Unlike normal excavation services, hydro-vac excavation uses high-pressured water to clear the ground and reveal the utilities below. This means that you don’t run any risk of breaking pipes. Our trucks use an onboard boiler to heat the water, so we can perform the same high-quality services all year round. As we blast the ground, our high-powered vacuum removes the mud so there’s no mess left after.

We can also use our water pressure services to perform other necessary services like pipe jetting and cleaning as well as trenching and sewer maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

We have provided high-quality hydro-vac services in Minnesota since 2002, and we make sure every job we do is done thoroughly and quickly so you can stay on schedule. Our team is experienced in every area of hydro-vac excavation.

Call us today at 612-727-3444 to schedule your services.