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We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

Nebraska Hydro-Vac Services

When it comes to sucking it up, Goliath has almost two decades of experience. We offer hydrovac and vacuum truck services to fit your industrial or commercial needs throughout Nebraska.

Rain or shine, in high humidity or icy winds, Goliath’s hydro excavation services will get the job done quickly and safely. Whether you need to install pipelines or clean and maintain hard to reach underground utilities, our fleet of hydrovac trucks are here to help.

We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

What is a hydrovac?

Hydro excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process of excavating soil with precision. A hydrovac truck is needed to perform hydro excavation and contains two key components: high-pressure water and a high-capacity vacuum.

A hydrovac, or a hydro excavation truck, uses a combination of pressurized water and a vacuum suction system to dig or clear out soil and other debris. The mud slurry, or soil that is broken up from the pressurized water, is removed to uncover deeper layers of soil for access to underground utilities.

Hydro excavation is the safest method for excavating near utilities, pipes, and cables. It is much faster than traditional excavation methods like hydraulic excavators and backhoes.

Hydrovac trucks cause less damage to the environment and pose a lower risk of damaging underground pipes or electrical lines. It is also a safer method of excavation for operators to use.

How does hydrovac work?

A hydrovac truck is equipped with a high-pressure water wand which technicians use to blast the soil and loosen it up. As the soil is liquified, a vacuum is used to suction up the debris and slurry which is then stored in the truck’s debris tank and emptied at the proper disposal site.

Instead of digging or drilling with shovels or rock-breakers, which can cause damage to underground utilities like pipes and cables, hydro excavation uses precision and pressurized water to safely and efficiently clear out sites.

Goliath hydrovac trucks operate all year round, even when the ground is frozen solid, thanks to on board boilers in our trucks. Weather won’t slow your project down!

Hydrovac Truck Services in NE

Hydrovac trucks are versatile and are equipped to handle a large variety of services within the same job site, meaning we can provide simple and cost effective solutions for all of your excavation needs.

Hydro excavation is beneficial for all jobs, regardless of size. Our hydrovac trucks can be used for full scale excavation projects or for smaller scale, utility location services.

Our hydrovac truck services include hydro excavation in which we use pressurized water to break apart all types of soil and sediment. We also offer industrial cleaning using our vacuum trucks to suck up liquids and dry materials.

And, we provide pipe jetting services using the high pressure water system on board our hydrovac trucks to jet out small to medium sized pipes. For larger pipes we use specific pipe jetting trucks with a larger diameter water reel.

Additional services include:

-Sewer maintenance
-Splice pits
-Drilling mud removal

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Goliath Hydrovac inc. is a leading provider of hydrovac services in Nebraska and the surrounding states. With 19 years of experience, the team at Goliath has excavated our fair share of mud and debris. We know a thing or two.

Join our over 600 satisfied accounts for quality services that cover all of your excavation needs in a safe and efficient manner. No matter the location or weather conditions, our hydrovac trucks can get the job done.

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