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We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

HydroVac Services South Dakota

Need help locating underground utilities but not sure how to do it without causing damage? What about digging trenches or pipe jetting? No matter your excavation needs, we at Goliath know how important it is to stay on schedule and get the job done right.

Our fleet of hydrovac trucks are the perfect solution for your next excavation project. Put that shovel down and turn to Goliath for safe and easy excavations that won’t damage underground utilities or slow down your projects.

We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

What is a hydrovac?

A hydrovac or hydro excavation truck utilizes high pressure water to loosen and break apart soil while a vacuum sucks up the mud slurry and stores it in a tank for disposal. This method allows for precision and safety when excavating sites, digging trenches or pits, and locating underground structures and utilities.

Hydrovac excavation is a much safer and efficient method of excavation compared to traditional methods that use drills and backhoes. Hydrovacs are safer to operate and are less likely to tear underground cables and damage pipes.

Hydrovac excavation is more environmentally friendly and is not limited to water based excavations as the powerful vacuum can also suction up large quantities of dry materials for cleaning purposes.

How does hydrovac work?

Hydrovac trucks use high pressure water to break apart soil around a job site. An operator uses a wand to direct the water, increasing precision and decreasing the risk of damage to any underground utilities that a shovel or digging machinery may cause. Different nozzles are used depending on the requirements of the site meaning the process is customized to fit your specific needs.

As the water is being used to break apart the soil, a high pressure vacuum sucks up the sludge and mud from the area to enable work to be performed underground. The sludge is stored on board the truck in a tank which is emptied in a designated location.

Hydrovac Truck Services in SD

We offer a variety of services for industrial and commercial site excavation and cleaning projects in South Dakota and the surrounding states.

Our services include:

Potholing: Our hydrovac trucks utilize highly pressurized water to expose buried utilities like pipes, cables, and wires without causing damage.

Trenching: Whether you need to install or repair utilities, we can easily utilize hydro excavation methods to dig trenches.

Splice pits: Our hydro excavation process easily digs pits for pipe and utility repair and maintenance.

Drilling mud removal: During drilling our vacuum equipped trucks remove mud or other debris to clear the way for you to continue directional boring.

Sewer maintenance: Our hydrovacs wash out and vacuum underground sewer infrastructure to keep it properly maintained.

Industrial clean up: Use our hydrovac trucks to vacuum up debris from inside or on top of buildings and facilities.

Pipe jetting: We can jet out small to medium sized pipes using our hydrovac’s high pressure water systems. We have specific water jetter trucks designed for larger pipes as well.

Why work with Goliath?


Goliath Hydrovac Inc. has been in the excavation industry for 19 years and counting. We are a trusted provider of hydrovac services throughout South Dakota and the surrounding states. With our fleet of nine hydrovac trucks, we are determined to take care of your excavation needs efficiently and thoroughly.

We understand how important it is to be able to complete projects all year round which is why our hydrovac trucks are fully operational even during South Dakota’s winters. Our trucks are equipped with boilers so that when the soil is frozen solid, we can keep excavating.

Contact us today or call 612-727-3444 to learn more about how Goliath’s hydro excavation services can help you.

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