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From quick and easy underground utility locating to extensive substation excavations, our expert operators are able to effectively and efficiently complete any job. The extreme versatility of our equipment allows us to perform a large variety of tasks on a single jobsite. What this means for you – simple cost effective solutions.

Utility locates

Splice pits


Drilling mud removal

Sewer maintenance

Hard to reach areas

Internal excavations

Pipe jetting

And much more


Hydro-Excavation is the safest available method for digging near utilities for any reason. It is safer than a shovel and much faster, increasing efficiency.

Industrial Cleaning

Jobs that would normally take days are completed in just hours. Our custom-built vacuum trucks can quickly clean up the toughest, dirtiest material – no matter where it’s located.

Pipe Jetting

The high pressure water system onboard our hydro-vac trucks can also be utilized to jet out any small to medium sized pipes. For larger jetting jobs we have dedicated jetter trucks with a larger diameter water reel.

Popular Services

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Expose buried utilities via hydro-excavation.

One of our workers providing hydrovac services in Duluth, MN


Hydro-excavate trenches for utility installation and repair

Splice Pits

Hydro-excavate pits for utility/pipe repair and maintenance

Drilling Mud Removal

Vacuum drilling mud to allow for continuous directional boring

Sewer Maintenance

Wash out and vacuum underground sewer infrastructure

Industrial Cleanup

Vacuum debris from inside or on top of buildings and facilities

Pipe Jetting

High pressure washing and cleaning of utility pipes

Satisfied Customers

“Goliath Hydro-Vac is by all means a TOP NOTCH operation. They have been extremely dependable! Goliath has done an outstanding job & are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. The gas company will continue to support their quality service!”

John Hennessy

Centerpoint Energy
“”These guys go above and beyond to make sure the job gets done thoroughly, poductively and professionally. They get an A from me as they are the #1 hydro-excavators.”

John LLoyd

LCS LLoyds Construction Services


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