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 We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

Iowa Hydro-Vac Services

With two decades of experience and over 600 accounts, Goliath Hydro-Vac provides top tier hydro excavation services in Iowa and the surrounding Midwest. Our services involve high-pressured water alongside high capacity vacuum equipment to excavate safely and efficiently, no matter the weather conditions.

Whether you are looking for pipe jetting services or need to remove decorative boulders, our hydro-vac trucks will get the job done! Contact Goliath Hydro-Vac today for excavation services in Iowa!

We are a dedicated team of professionals who go above and beyond for our customers and know that when a job needs to be done, it needs to be done right. For hydrovac services in Iowa, contact Goliath.

We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.


What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro excavation does not use mechanical tools such as drills or backhoes to dig. Instead, hydro excavation uses pressurized water to break up dirt and soil into a slurry. This slurry can then be easily removed from the site using a high capacity vacuum. Goliath’s hydro-vac trucks are equipped with these tools as well as a holding tank to collect the slurry and dispose of it at a proper disposal site.

While mechanical excavation can be disruptive, dangerous, and incompatible during certain weather conditions, hydro excavation is able to adapt to any situation. Even in the cold Iowa winter, where the ground is frozen solid, our hydro-vac trucks can still get the job done thanks to the on-board boilers. Hydro excavation also poses minimal risk to technicians and underground utilities. Instead of using heavy backhoes to uncover wiring, hydro-vacs spray pressurized water to gently uncover utilities.

How does hydrovac work?

Goliath’s hydro-vac trucks are equipped with a high pressure water wind which technicians use to direct the spray of the water. This increases accuracy when uncovering underground utilities. Our trucks are also equipped with a high capacity vacuum to suck up remaining slurry into storage tanks. Once the job is completed, the tanks are emptied in the proper disposal area.

Our trucks operate all year round, rain or shine. This is useful to our Midwest customers who can not wait around all winter for excavation services to be completed. And this process does not involve large trucks and machines. All we need is one of our hydro-vac trucks and a couple technicians. This is a much more efficient way of excavating a site.

The hydrovac truck is equipped with a tank for the mud and debris to be stored until it can be safely processed and disposed of at the proper location.

Hydrovac Truck Services in Iowa

At Goliath Hydro-Vac, we pride ourselves on our versatility. Our hydro-vac trucks are fully equipped to handle projects of any size. Below is a list of our comprehensive hydro-vac services.

Pipe Jetting: Pipe jetting utilizes pressurized water to get out small to medium sized pipes. For larger pipes we have a dedicated water jetter truck designed to handle massive pipes.

Utility Locates: For underground utility location, you can count on Goliath to get the job done efficiently, without damaging any of the utilities in the process.

Splice Pits: If you need to easily and safely make repairs on underground electrical cables, we offer splice pitting services that won’t cause damage.

Trenching: Digging trenches for utility installations or repairs is easy with our hydro-vac trucks.

Drilling Mud Removal: For even the muddiest jobs, out high capacity vacuums can remove mud and slurry from sites to clear the way for continuous directional boring.

Sewer Maintenance: Our hydro-vac trucks use pressurized water to clean out sewer infrastructure, ensuring proper maintenance.

Hydro-Vac Services – Work with Goliath

Goliath Hydrovac Inc. has been serving the Midwest since 2002. Our long history of excellent workmanship and top tier customer service are a few of the reasons why we have over 600 happy customers. With our fleet of nine hydro-vac trucks, we are able to efficiently and effectively jet out pipes, trench, locate utilities, and more.

Hydro excavation is the way to go when you need excavation services in Iowa. Compared to mechanical excavation methods, hydro excavation is much safer for technicians and utilities and it is able to be performed all year round. You won’t have to wait for the ground to thaw before repairing a pipe when you trust Goliath Hydrovac.

Contact us today or call 612-727-3444 to learn more about how Goliath’s hydro excavation services can help you.

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