Hydrovac Services in Iowa

Hydro-vac services are vital to hundreds of companies across the world — our 600 accounts and counting can attest to that! Hydro-vac services involve high-pressure water and vacuum equipment that can do everything from digging a trench to removing decorative rock, all with little more than a single truck and a couple of technicians.

If you want hydro-vac services in Iowa, contact Goliath Hydro-Vac Inc. today. We’ll help your project succeed!

The Diverse Roles of Hydro-Vac

Hydro-vac services are vital to projects of all kinds. Hydro-excavation allows you to safely dig near underground utilities without the fear of damage. Pipe jetting uses high-pressure water systems to jet out small or medium-sized pipes, and our dedicated water jetter truck can handle massive pipes as well. Hydro-vacs can even be used for industrial cleaning for everything from floors to roofs.

Some of our other services include potholing, drilling mud removal, trench and pit digging, and sewer maintenance. You’d be amazed at how many jobs an experienced hydro-vac professional can carry out! If you want to learn more, give Goliath Hydro-Vac a call today at 612-727-3444. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions. We look forward to hearing from you!