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We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

Michigan Hydro-Vac Services

Since 2002 Goliath Hydro-Vac has been providing our customers with quality industrial and commercial hydro excavation services. Our attentive services and decades of experience prove we mean business.

Cold, snowy weather won’t slow down our fleet of 12 hydro excavation trucks. Whether you are looking for pipe jetting, industrial cleaning, or hydro-excavation, Goliath is here to help. For all of your hydro-vac needs in Michigan, call Goliath.

We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive process of removing soil using pressurized water instead of mechanical tools. Hydro excavation is great for accessing underground utilities, uncovering pipes and cables, and maintaining or repairing industrial pipes.

Because hydro excavation is non-mechanical, it is a much safer excavation process when compared to traditional excavation methods. Mechanical tools, such as drills and backhoes, can disrupt the environment. Hydro-vac trucks are less damaging to the environment and pose less of a risk to underground utilities. Hydro excavation is also safer for operators and poses less danger to those working on site.

How does hydrovac work?

While the hydro excavation truck breaks up soil using highly pressurized water, a high capacity vacuum sucks up the mud and debris, also known as slurry, into a holding container until it can be properly disposed of. Hydro-vacs are more precise than mechanical excavation tools. Plus, with the high-capacity vacuum, work sites can be kept clean, making it easier for operators to access underground utilities.

Hydrovac trucks are able to work throughout any weather condition in any season, even during harsh winter conditions. Our trucks come equipped with on-board boilers making it easy to excavate even when the ground is frozen solid – this comes in handy during Michigan winters!

Hydrovac Truck Services in MI

We offer a wide variety of excavation services throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Whatever your excavation needs, we have you covered, no matter the weather conditions.

Potholing: Expose buried utilities, like electrical, water, or gas lines, with our hydro excavation trucks.

Trenching: Need to install utilities or make repairs? Our hydro-vac trucks can cover all of your trenching needs.

Splice Pits: Our hydro excavation trucks can excavate pits for your utility or pipe repair and maintenance needs.

Drilling mud removal: Suck up large quantities of mud with our hydro-vac high-capacity vacuum trucks. This will allow for continuous directional boring.

Sewer Maintenance: Wash out and vacuum underground sewer infrastructure with Goliath Hydro-vac.

Industrial Clean Up: Job sites can get messy. That’s why we offer industrial clean up services to vacuum up debris from inside or on top of buildings and facilities.

Pipe Jetting: Our pipe jetting services use high pressure water to wash and clean utility pipes. The hydro-vac trucks are capable of jetting out pipes of any size, from small to large.

Utility Locates: Before you excavate, our experts can tell you exactly where to work with our utility location services. It’s a non-destructive and efficient way of locating underground utilities.

Why work with Goliath?

For 20 years now, Goliath Hydrovac has provided effective and efficient excavation services to the Midwest. Our trusted process of using highly pressurized water in tandem with high capacity vacuums is safe and thorough. As a Gold Shovel Standard Certified excavation company, Goliath will go above and beyond for our customers, ensuring complete satisfaction for every job.

Contact us today or call 612-727-3444 to learn more about how Goliath’s hydro excavation services can help you.

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