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If you’re in Minnesota and looking to efficiently prepare the landscape of a construction site, you’ve come to the right place. Excavation is the process of using heavy machinery to remove dirt, rocks, and trees in order for a construction project to begin.

At Goliath, our staff is equipped and trained to effectively complete any excavation job. We have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done – and we offer a wide range of excavation services, ensuring a solution for all of your needs. Keep reading to learn more about why excavation is the right choice for you. For all of your excavation services, call Goliath at 612-727-3444.


How Excavation Works

Excavation is no easy task and requires thorough planning. Before a contractor can begin construction, the landscape must be prepared – this is where excavation services (like Goliath) come in.

The first step in the excavation process is ensuring all zoning, permits, and engineering plans are approved. Excavators can then move on to removing any possible obstacles (like trees, boulders, logs, roots, and so forth) and prepare the landscape according to the architectural and engineering specifications (like foundations, roads, pipelines, pools, and so forth).

Once the landscape is prepped, excavation can begin! Professionals will use heavy machinery (typically a large crane-like piece of equipment) to burrow into the ground.

Traditional Excavation vs. Hydrovac Excavation

While traditional excavation and hydrovac excavation services have the same goal (to dig into the ground), there’s a significant difference in the methods used to get to the end result.

Traditional excavation services use sharp and heavy machinery (like power shovels, bulldozers, and graders) for earth-moving operations. These methods can be risky and require more intensive labor, which will result in a higher cost.

On the other hand, hydrovac excavation services use pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum, which is an environmentally friendly method of digging (because it does not disturb the soil or any existing underground utilities). Hydrovac excavation is a federally recognized digging method due to the precision and accuracy, as this helps projects remain compliant with laws and regulations.

Goliath’s Excavation Services

No matter the size or scope of a project, excavation can be used for various purposes. Below are just a few of the excavation services we provide at Goliath.

Foundations: The foundation of a structure is arguably the most important part. A professional excavator will thoroughly plan their digging (considering property slope, soil type, drainage, etc.), which will ensure the creation of a strong and lasting foundation.

Driveways, lots, and roads: Excavators are often used to grade and pave areas in order to prepare for the installation of driveways, parking lots, roads, and more.

Drainage: Proper drainage is not only necessary above ground level, but also below. Excavation will ensure basements stay dry through layers of rock, gravel, and clay.

Trenches: Excavation allows for the creation of long and narrow holes (also known as trenches), which are used to install pipelines, cables, and various other underground utilities.

Why work with Goliath?

If your Minnesota-based operation is looking for full-service earth moving excavation services, look no further. Goliath Hydrovac Inc. has been in the excavation industry for 19 years and counting. We are a trusted provider of excavation services throughout the midwest.

Contact us today or call 612-727-3444 to learn more about how Goliath’s excavation services in Minnesota can help you.

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