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We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

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Excavations and digging can lead to damaged cables and ruptured pipes if not done properly. Traditional excavation methods that use hydraulics or drilling mechanisms cause more disruption to the job site and are more likely to damage underground utilities during the excavation process.

Hydrovac excavation, on the other hand, is a safer and more efficient method of excavation that has a lower environmental impact. At Goliath Hydro-vac inc. we have nine state of the art hydrovac trucks that have helped our growing list of satisfied customers with their excavation needs (big or small) for almost two decades.

We are a dedicated team of professionals who go above and beyond for our customers and know that when a job needs to be done, it needs to be done right. For hydrovac services in North Dakota, contact Goliath.

 We are located in Minnesota, we travel to you for hydrovac projects.

What is a hydrovac?

A hydrovac or hydro excavation truck is a truck that uses pressurized water and a high-volume vacuum to break apart soil and remove mud and debris from project sites Hydrovacs are used at excavation sites and are particularly useful when the soil is hard as traditional excavation methods often can not penetrate frozen soil effectively.

Hydrovacs are more precise than other methods of excavation and reduce damage to underground utilities like pipes and cables. It is also safer than alternative mechanical methods and requires less manpower to operate, saving you time and money.

How does hydrovac work?

A hydrovac truck uses a stream of high-pressured water to break up the soil while a high-volume vacuum sucks up the mud, clearing away the mud and debris so that the underground utilities are easily accessible. Because of the way in which the water is applied, underground utilities like pipes and cables are not in danger of rupturing or being damaged in any way.

The pressurized water is pumped through a wand that is easy to operate. There are many different types of nozzles to choose from, making the hydrovac excavation process easy to customize depending on the width, depth, and consistency of the soil at the job site. 

The hydrovac truck is equipped with a tank for the mud and debris to be stored until it can be safely processed and disposed of at the proper location.

Hydrovac Truck Services in ND

At Goliath we offer a variety of services that range from quick and easy underground utility location to larger scale excavation projects. We offer services including pipe jetting, drilling mud removal, sewer maintenance, internal excavations, and much more. 

We are more than just hydrovac excavation, too! Our custom-built vacuum trucks make cleaning even the toughest, dirtiest material a breeze. The customization and flexibility of our services means we can get to work even in tough conditions or locations. 

Our hydrovac trucks are able to excavate even during the winters, meaning your project won’t need to be put on hold because of the weather. Our hydrovac trucks include boilers to ensure a little snow won’t slow your project down.

Why work with Goliath?


What started as a hydro excavating service in the Twin Cities of Minnesota has now expanded to serve a number of surrounding states including North Dakota. The team at Goliath Hydrovac Inc. has 19 years of experience servicing the midwest with our fleet of hydrovac trucks. Our technicians are experts at effectively and efficiently completing any excavation job no matter the scope of the project.

With our experience in the hydro excavation industry and our dedication to our customers, we are proud to meet North Dakota’s excavation and industrial cleaning needs.

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