Daily Checks for Vacuum Truck Maintenance

by Aug 18, 2023Hydro Excavation, Vacuum Truck Maintenance

Daily Checks for Vacuum Truck Maintenance

Vacuum trucks are highly specialized vehicles that are an integral part of many industries, from sewage treatment to environmental cleanups. But their ability to function optimally hinges on one vital factor: daily maintenance.

Daily maintenance of vacuum trucks involves a process of inspection, cleaning, and servicing the various components of the truck. This not only guarantees peak performance but also safeguards the health and safety of operators and the surrounding environment. Regular maintenance can ward off costly repairs, reduce downtime, and significantly extend the lifespan of the vacuum truck.

In this article, we will discuss the essential daily service practices to maintain your vacuum truck, ensuring its optimal performance and safe operation.

Vacuum Truck Proper Shutdown

Proper shutdown of your vacuum truck is essential to prevent damage and ensure the vehicle is ready for the next day.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for shutting down the truck safely. Here are the standard steps to shutting down a vacuum truck:

  • Turn off the vacuum system first to prevent pressure buildup or sudden release of waste.
  • Disengage the Power Take Off (PTO) to avoid unintentional operation of auxiliary equipment.
  • Release any residual pressure in the system through the venting valves. Clean out and remove hoses and attachments, ensuring they’re free of waste material.
  • Secure all hatches, access points, and valves to prevent spills or exposure to waste materials.
  • Turn off the engine, remove the keys, and lock the truck if necessary.
daily vacuum truck maintenance open drain valves

Daily Vacuum Truck Maintenance – Open Drain Valves

Opening the drain valves daily is crucial for preventing waste buildup and corrosion inside the tank. Here’s how to open the drain valves of a vacuum truck:

  • Locate the drain valves at the bottom of the tank and position the truck in an area where the liquid waste can be disposed of properly.
  • With appropriate protective gear on, slowly open the valves and let the liquid waste drain out.
  • Allow for complete drainage, rinse the tank if necessary and allowed by regulations, and then securely close the valves.
  • Properly dispose of the drained waste according to local regulations.

Daily Vacuum Truck Maintenance – Nightly Storage

Choosing the right storage conditions for your vacuum truck overnight is important for its performance and longevity. Here’s how to properly store a vacuum truck overnight:

  • Park the truck in a secure area, preferably covered, to protect it from weather elements and potential vandalism.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the storage area to prevent the buildup of harmful fumes or gasses.
  • If the truck has been used for hazardous waste removal, it may need to be stored in a designated area with specific containment measures.
  • The storage area should also have appropriate temperatures to protect the truck’s components and overall performance.

Daily Vacuum Truck Maintenance – Long-Term Storage

If your vacuum truck is going into long-term storage, some extra precautions are necessary. Here’s how to store a vacuum truck for a long period of time:

  • Ensure all waste has been removed from the truck and the interior has been cleaned thoroughly.
  • Check for water accumulation in the tank and remove it to prevent rust and corrosion. If possible, store the truck indoors to protect it from weather elements.
  • Periodically start the engine and operate the vacuum system for a short time to prevent the components from seizing or deteriorating.
  • Inspect the truck regularly for any signs of rust, corrosion, or damage and address them promptly.

Conclusion – Daily Service for Vacuum Truck Maintenance

From proper shutdown procedures to nightly storage recommendations, these daily steps are the cornerstone of a well-functioning vacuum truck that is both reliable and environmentally responsible.

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